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Melbourne Investments

Melbourne Investments is a family owned angel investment fund that focuses on early stage startups that are typically producing revenue and are on target to profitability.  In particular we specialize in emerging technologies including robotics and machine learning.

Meet the Team

Lois and I met at a friends Super Bowl party in 1988 and got married on Super Bowl Sunday 5 years later.  We built an enterprise HR software company called Aquire which had over 3,000 customers in over 100 countries.   In 2011, with zero debt and 100% ownership, we sold the company to a private equity firm.  We have a 21 year old son who is our real success story.

Ross Melbourne

Ross Melbourne


Ross Melbourne is a life long innovator, an entrepreneur and patent holder. He has lived and worked in the US for 30 years but grew up in England making stuff for fun.  He graduated from Stevenage College of Further Education in the UK with an ONC in Business Studies.  As a programmer he has written software for almost every type of computer from mainframes to iPhones.  Ross developed the world's first fully automatic organization charting software.  He then co-founded ‘Aquire’ an enterprise software company with his wife of 25 years Lois Melbourne.  Ross is a proven business executive and technology leader using what he calls 'family-first ethics’.  After the sale of their software company, Ross and Lois were able to retire in their 40’s.

Ross is currently a Member of the Board for Mowbot (aka Robin Autopilot™), a first-of-its-kind, SaaS platform to help landscapers transition to autonomous robot mowing.

Ross co-authored with Lois Melbourne a new science fiction novel titled Moral Code. The book imagines a world where an ethical AI character merges with tiny robot nanites determined to help children in need.

Ross Melbourne is also an angel investor.  He is a partner at Melbourne Investments, which makes angel investments and mentors startup companies. 


Lois Melbourne


Lois was CEO and co-founded and grew Aquire to a global technology talent management company delivering solutions to over 2500 of the world's greatest companies.
Externally responsible for global reseller development, technical partner development, customer relations, analyst relations and public relations.
Internally nurtured culture development, operations, finances, sales and marketing with a strategic voice in product design.
Public Speaking, Industry Blogging and Contributed Writing added to the various industry boards and committees I served upon to advance our field and human resource practices.

Lois is now the Chief Story Officer for My Future Story, a company she founded to help kids explore their career options.

My Future Story is helping kids explore career options for their future, based on their interests and dreams. The first two books she authored are "The STEM Club Goes Exploring" and "Kids Go To Work Day".

Lois is a co-author and writer for a new science fiction novel titled Moral Code. The book imagines a world where an ethical AI character merges with tiny robot nanites determined to help children in need.


Fleet Boss


Mowbot (aka Robin Autopilot™) is a first-of-its-kind, emissions-free robotic mowing service with professional human support— from installation to maintenance to all other lawn care needs. The result is an innovative and more affordable approach to landscaping that’s quickly becoming the largest and fastest-growing in the country.

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Aristos Ventures invests in capital efficient technology companies primarily in Texas that need critical early capital in order to produce a product and generate revenue. The Managers of the Funds are seeking to build a diversified portfolio of companies each capable of achieving a meaningful exit.



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Koantic was bought by in 2020.