Moral Code

Over the years Lois and I had often discussed what kind of fictional story each of us would write but had not been told yet.  I would keep returning to the same concept and idea time and time again.  What could happen when computers are so small they are as light as dust? What would happen if the dust could form robots of varying sizes and could morph into machines suited to be able to do any job imaginable? Then imagine an AI able to control the dust which is so advanced it not only can think like a person, but also has the parental instinctive drive that humans have?  I imagined a future world where such an invention would become omni present and could protect every child on earth from trauma and serious harm.  How might that change the world? Would it change humanity itself?  



Elly is an artificial intelligent character from the book Moral Code by Lois and Ross Melbourne. Using the very latest technology available today you can now have a conversation with Elly. Just like most AIs, Elly is in perpetual training. Conversations can yield interesting results at time. If you have questions about your chat with Elly or about the book please contact Lois Melbourne at  lois at loismelbourne dot com.

EllyBot is based upon OpenAI's GPT-3, one of the largest and most advanced neural networks every created.

Product Inventions


In 1989 I started coding the very first version of OrgPublisher which could draw organizational charts automatically from the human resource or personnel data every company already has.  Now OrgPublisher and automatic org charting have become industry standards.

Workforce Analytics


The award-winning patented organizational analytics solution presents workforce performance metrics and detailed employee movement analysis for your entire organization. Analyze and manage workforce trends regarding promotions, transfers, terminations, new hires and workforce initiatives affecting your talent pipeline.

World's First Mobile Game using real 3D city model

Save Dallas

Before Save Dallas, the worlds seen in video games were hand crafted to resemble either a real place or a fantasy place.  Save Dallas was revolutionary because it used a real 3d model of downtown Dallas and the game ran on a mobile phone, including iPhone and Android.